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ELA/Social Studies

Janine Patenaude - USA

Janine's been teaching with Pixton for over 4 years. Check out her profile and see the 50+ activities she's designed in Pixton. Janine also welcomes email questions from new Pixton members.


High School Science/Math

Linda Martinez - USA

Linda has used Pixton to teach calculus, geometry and even the life cycle of plants. Check out her profile to see those activities and more. Linda welcomes email questions from new Pixton members. 


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Middle School, Winnipeg MB

Middle School, Winnipeg MB

Jackie Swiss - ELA

If you're planning on doing graphic novels or book reports with your students, Jackie can show you how it's done. 

High School, Boston MA

High School, Boston MA

Rob Hill - History

Rob loves how any period in time can be recreated with Pixton. From ancient Egypt to the Civil War. Check out Rob's examples and advice.

Elementary/Middle, Toronto ON

Elementary/Middle, Toronto ON

Josef Jordan - Technology

Teaching internet safety is easy and approachable with comics. Josef can answer all your questions on the subject. 


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